• Mini Drill Press Guide

    Mini drill presses are essentially just a drill press but a lot smaller. They're great for tasks that require the precision only a mini drill press can provide. They're also much more portable and compact than the normal designed drill. this is because they're extremely light weight due to the base sitting directly on the table and being the same part as the drilling/work table. Let's take a closer look at some of the point you need to consider before buying a mini drill press.


    Keep these factors in mind:


    • is it large enough for my work-pieces? or too small?
    • will it be used in a hobby or professional context.
    • Is the chuck the right size?
    • is it built durably and strong?

    These are some important things to remember to think about before you buy. This way you ensure that you get the best mini drill press. As not all small drill presses are built the same it's best to tailor your expectations to the size of budget you have. Let's look at some more pros and cons.


    Because of the size and weight these machines are easy to transport around the house or workshop. You can also take it from job site to office with ease. If you're a jeweler this is a big bonus because you might be using it inside your house for example.


    You can't drill big work pieces with the mini drill press. As you can imagine the tool being so small means that there is a limitations on the size of objects you can drill holes in. if you plan to get a miniature drill press make sure you only intend to work on small pieces.


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